CAMDEN, Ar. – (05/17/19) The Galaxy Cab will make its debut in Camden soon. It won’t take residents and visitors to the moon but it will take them anywhere they want to go.

“I remember being a little girl needing a ride and not having a ride anywhere,” Dr. Star Rogers said.

Rogers graduated from Camden Fairview High School in 1999. She has made her way around various major cities like Jacksonville, Nashville and Dallas. Now, she resides in Atlanta where she practices medicine.

“I’ve always thought about home and wanted to do something in the community here,” Rogers said.

So, she’s bringing a car transportation service to the town. It’s been over 20 years since Camden has had a cab service. While times may have changed, the need for a ride is constant.

“It’s a lot of people that don’t have transportation to get to where they’re going,” Tatyanna Davis said. Some people don’t like to give rides out and having a cab service will be real good,” she said.

Many say it will be beneficial to any group but especially older adults.

“They need transported times certainly to a doctor or a grocery store or to relatives and at times they’re not able to drive due to their age,” Fred Reed said.

The service isn’t just limited to rides around town. Rogers hopes to provide additional services to airports and areas surrounding Camden. Both will charge a flat rate fee and be determined by distance.

Rogers is also planning to include a food delivery service and carpool service for workers around Camden and East Camden.

Such services are more common in larger cities but Rogers wants to make sure her small community is up to speed.

“Everyone should have access to that stuff just not someone in a big city because those are things that we want as well in small towns,” Rogers said.

The services are set to begin June 1. Rogers is currently looking to hire administrative clerks and drivers. You can send your resume to

For more information about services please visit The Galaxy Cab website.